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1 week 23 hours ago - 1 week 23 hours ago #91 by avitas
While right now TX is getting some good recognition for being a clean pure Dash like coin, with all the basic functions of anonymity coin all working.

Privacy and coin governance and dev funding seems to the point everyone trying to address right now. Good thing TX doesn't have all of that drama yet, and we can see how the discussion play out.

PIVX is getting some extra bump because of their current ZeroCoin integration. I am not too familiar with Zerocoin or Zcash, but it seems like that's where the next privacy technology is heading.

If someone familiar with the Zcash protocal can research if it can be integrated into Transfer, it think it would raise the value of TX as a privacy coin a lot.

With all that said...we still need to see if this on chain dev funding system or off-chain at will funding is better.
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1 week 19 hours ago #104 by burningman
I totally agree that if we were able to add the zerocoin integration, it would make this coin even that much better.

Funding the dev is a top priority, hopefully by building this transfercoin community hub, it will bring a lot of people to the coin and hopefully some donations.

I would also like to see there be Transfer assets, I love that idea.

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4 days 2 hours ago #161 by avitas
Transfer assets...nice

i see a lot of established coins going to the next level to a smart contract platform.

next generation of development of TX can utilize the well established distribution and privacy features of the coin as a currency and let allow smart contracts to gather and distribute the funds where it is needed. i've had a thought of etherum smart contract based platform sitting on top of TX for development fund for awhile now, just not familiar with the ethereum smart contracts yet.

another thing i notice development moving to is elastic computing, where a little bit the computing resource can be traded and pooled for actual purpose instead of wasting electricity mining coins. I think couple projects including CRW is looking at it Hope infernoman get some experience and on that and bring it to TX.. it would be a game changer i think.

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2 days 5 hours ago #168 by burningman
Yes, smart contracts seem to have a very important future in crypto.

Green technology has always interested me, not because I am an environmentalist lol, but because green = saving money. I would like to do more research on elastic computing. The reason I mine burstcoin with hard drives, is because the electricity cost is much less than video card mining.

TX seems to be a long play, as interest increases over time, TX will grow, and the coin will continue to be developed. Maybe slowly at first, but will increase as time goes forward.

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